10 Reasons Why You Need To Start This Side Business

reasons to start this side business

…And Earn Daily Income.

In this age and time with diverse economic challenges, salaries are becoming less interesting. More and more people are looking for side hustles to increase their incomes. Here are 10 strong reasons to start this side business and join USI to transform your life:

1) USI – UNITED SOFTWARE INTELLIGENCE – is a software company that has experience in building Trading Softwares, and have the requisite experience in Currency Trading and better placed to offer a trading solution & stable Return On Capital on the long run! Watch this video to understand more about this business opportunity:


2)  The owners of USI-TECH are not only fully known, they are busy & involved with the Business as well. Watch this recent video of the people behind this company at one of the leadership events of the company in Mallorca, Spain:


3)  USI-TECH has a well-rounded, structured & broad-based management team comprising of men who with varied backgrounds, experience & skill set.

4) USI-TECH has its Head office address is in Dubai, UAE with full-time support staff. (See point 5)

5)  USI-TECH is not just registered properly, they have diligently pursued & filed their certification with relevant authorities including meeting the very stringent requirements to operate in the United States Of America! Below is the legal opinion after extensive research into the company, it’s owners, shareholders and directors.

Is the USI-TECH BTC (Bitcoin) Package a legal and compliant product to sell?

Is the Forex Software Product a legal and compliant product to sell?

Is USI-TECH operating in compliance with the laws that govern the Multi-Level Marketing industry?

Is USI-TECH operating in compliance with the regulations outlined by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the USA?

Do the USI-TECH owners and top affiliates have any outstanding complaints, judgments etc against them and are they in good standing to operate a company or conduct a business?

Is USI-TECH a legal company in good standing internationally?

6) USI-TECH is not only debt-free, with a good cash reserve to ensure the long-term viability of the company but continues to maintain good management practice by not promising nor paying outrageous returns.

7) USI-TECH gives you opportunity to do your business in at least 60 countries as at TODAY, and this number keeps growing.

8) There are companies that purposely put out very complex & bogus Compensation plan simply to keep you running around in circles. USI-TECH is simple to a fault – compensation plan is very simple & straight-forward. Withdrawal is also very easy and straight-forward, What you see is what you get. NO STORIES or frequent tinkering. Watch this following video to further understand this business opportunity:


9) Does the Company make their Business Burdensome? In USI-TECH, the Business does NOT compel you to do anything. You choose and decide what works for you. No pressure, no hassles, no monthly auto-ships, NO BLOOD PRESSURE!

10)  Is the Company planning an IPO? In case you have not heard, USI-TECH is working to become a $1Billion company & ultimately get listed on the Stock Exchange. It does not get better than that! How will you like to be a part of a multi Billion Dollar company?

Good news! You can be a part of this and begin here now. All you need is your name and email to start. It’s that easy.

How To Join USI-TECH In Nigeria

usi-tech in Nigeria

USI-TECH is a Forex license dealer and Cryptocurrency trading MLM company. They were mainly privately trading Forex license for clients from which they earn commission.

In October 2016, the company introduced MLM into their structure with some very interesting packages and compensation plan. This opened up the opportunity for low income earners to be a part of this.

By buying a BTC pack of 50 euros (in Bitcoin) within a 7 months period, your accumulated return on capital will be 70 euros in Bitcoin (and you can make your withdrawal). You can also allow your returns to be compounded.

USI-TECH currently pays 10% on direct referral commission and 3% on subsequent indirect referrals. It has 12 levels. You can unlock your earning potential by buying the one-time FOREX software license for 600 euros and ensuring at least 3 people under you do the same to earn on all levels.

You might be thinking, “but why should I join this company?” Here are 10 compelling reasons why you need to join this company as fast as you can.

With an investment of 22,000 naira within a 7 months period and 3 direct referrals, you can be looking at a return of close to 100,000 naira for the same period. And you did not do anything. Your money was simply working for you.

More so, this is all traded in Bitcoin. Due to increasing interest in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency drawing global attention and approvals with huge demand, your returns can be well over 150,000 naira over that same period.

Here’s how to join USI-TECH and keep smiling to the bank daily:

1) Register here – https://centmillionaire.usitech-int.com/enrollment.html and create your account. Here are the details you need: select country, name, email, country phone code, mobile phone number, username, password (and confirm your password). You have to confirm your email within a few minutes (typically within 15 minutes of registering).

2) Transfer Bitcoin from your Blockchain wallet to your USI-TECH account by buying the BTC pack(s). Cost for one is the equivalent of 50 euros in Bitcoin. You can buy as many as you want to start with. The more you buy, the higher your income.

3) Check your account every work day morning and see it swell with your returns.

4) Update your KYC account with USI-TECH, following the provided steps on your account profile to secure your account.

5) Sit back and relax.

6) Withdraw your earnings or compound it.

You can also become an independent promoter when you learn all the basics and make use of the training materials. That will take your earnings to an exponential level.

You can do all this from an Android mobile phone or laptop. The platform is easy and mobile-friendly. If you run into any trouble, send us a message via email or on Facebook or Twitter or through the contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

Don’t delay with this opportunity. Take action now. Begin today!


Disclaimer: Every investment is risky. Ensure you’re fully informed before investing your money. I’m an independent distributor with USI-TECH and will earn a commission when you click on the link in this article.