How To Start A Profitable Bitcoin Business

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You can start a profitable Bitcoin business with all ease and from your house (with only your phone) but first…

Have you seen how Bitcoin has been defying all odds and increasing in value month-over-month? Have you also seen how traditional business owners are overly dismissive of Bitcoin and claiming its adoption is common among ponzi schemers and money launderers? Have you seen how central banks, big banks and government have been stumbling over themselves in the Cryptocurrency space?

This is normal. If you’re around during the tech bubble, you will understand.

All the news (good and bad) are necessary to facilitate better understanding of Bitcoin by the public which will of course increase adoption. As adoption increases, the value will rise.

Now is the time to position yourself to make potential profit. How?

By starting a Bitcoin business.

There are two main options:

Start a Bitcoin Business from scratch.

The easiest way to do this is to offer a product or service online and request to be paid in Bitcoin. Are you selling anything offline and you have not considered setting up store online? Now is the best time to bring your business online and take advantage of Bitcoin’s super fast payment processing.

For example, HostNowNow offers their hosting services in Nigeria to be paid for in Bitcoin. That’s not common around here.

Is your business already online? Add Bitcoin to your payment options. How? Place your Bitcoin wallet address in your payment options and you’re good to go.

You don’t have a Bitcoin wallet, here is how to get one.

Join an existing Bitcoin business.

There are several Bitcoin businesses out there that are promising a lot. Some are scams. Some are legit. Some produces huge returns, others are more moderate and reasonable and stable. (This article is not to recommend any business in particular, but to stimulate your interest in partaking of the Bitcoin opportunity.) You will need to do your due diligence to understand their processes and how it benefits you.

The easiest model of payment is always in commissions as an affiliate or as a network marketer. This form of business helps you to have time for other important things: one, because it’s online; two, because it’s faster and easier to process.

These are the reasons why it’s easier to join an existing Bitcoin business and earn as a partner:

a) you do not have to setup the process of shipping your products/service in any form.

b) you only have to promote the business and you earn when anyone buys through you.

c) you are a part of a bigger system and you can learn.

If you’re just starting out in learning Blockchain technology and particularly, Bitcoin, this is the best route to follow.

My advise is for you to choose a system that helps you learn sales and learn more about Bitcoin. Be very careful of systems that promises huge returns for doing NOTHING.

Do you want to know about a proven business system that helps you learn sales and more about Bitcoin? Read this NOW!

Why You Need A Bitcoin Wallet

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Why do you need a Bitcoin Wallet?

First, understand that Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency. It can not be physically held but it is electronically mined, stored and traded.

So, just as you have a physical wallet that holds your money, that’s what a Bitcoin wallet is. More so, it can easily fit into your phone or a small device and you can carry it across the nations of the world.

Bitcoin is not really anonymous. All Bitcoin transactions are stored publicly and permanently on the network, which means anyone can see the balance and transactions of any Bitcoin address. However, the identity of the user behind an address remains unknown until information is revealed during a purchase or in other circumstances.

Here are the reasons why you need a Bitcoin wallet:

  1. To keep your Bitcoin stash.
  2. To transact in Bitcoin (to receive or send Bitcoin for any product or service).
  3. You can not deal in Bitcoin without a wallet.

You need to treat Bitcoin with the same care as your regular wallet, or even more in some cases!

One good thing when dealing with Bitcoin is that it can detect typographical errors and usually won’t let you send money to an invalid address by mistake.

Are you just starting out to know more about Bitcoin? Which Bitcoin software wallet should you use as a Nigerian? We talked about it in detail here.