How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

make money online in Nigeria

I’ve been researching how to make money online in Nigeria since 2004. I’ve involved myself in internet hustling, got stuck most times and later broken through. It was tougher back then. Now, it’s much easier. If I’ve not seen scams and lost money (or almost scammed), I’ll be lying. In fact, the western folks view Nigerians online generally as scammers and they deal with us very carefully. Not their fault. It’s the bad ones that have given the whole good lot of us bad names. That is changing.

This is a fact: you can make money online in Nigeria. Legitimately and easily too.

Let me cut right to the chase: making money in Nigeria is very doable. Think of Nairaland, Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija, Kemi Filani, Akin Alabi, Japheth Omojuwa and a host of other bloggers, influencers and online platform owners and get the reality of the picture.

Can you be the next Linda Ikeji? Maybe.

Now, if anyone tells you that you will not spend anything to make money online, walk away. No, I mean RUN! At the very least, you will spend money on data. The bar of entry is now higher than it was 10 years ago when some of the current online celebrity entrepreneurs started out.

If you want to do the same thing they did, with the same resources, I fear you will be disappointed and likely frustrated.

Now, to the matter.

These are very easy steps you can take to start online and today. Today, not tomorrow.


Affiliate marketing is the about the same as when your friend pays you a commission when you refer business to him. It’s based on a marketing arrangement. You’re not under compulsion to bring him sales. But if you do put your self under that strict rule (good for you) and you bring him business, he pays you the agreed commission.

Now, you can do the same online, very easily. From the comfort of your laptop or even phone. Several huge retailers are looking for customers. HUGE. Think of Konga, Jumia, Nairabet and of course, Amazon and my dear, Aliexpress.

They have all the resources but not enough customers. Find customers for them and earn a tidy sum as much as you can. All you have to worry is about getting the customers while the company takes care of doing the actual sales and delivery.


How To Make The Money.

1) Pick 3-5 niche categories you’re interested in and you can do the research required.

2) Pick your choice products.

3) Know the commission per product.

4) Review the affiliate marketing agreement.

5) Make sure you’ve entered your details appropriately as you do not want to leave any money on the table.

6) Promote your chosen products with your affiliate link. VERY IMPORTANT.

7) Follow up on all your prospects as affiliate links to purchase often expire after some time (typically after 30 days).

8) Get paid in your local account.

9) Review your progress and see what works. Quickly stop bad-performing products.


Also known as Multi-level marketing or direct sales. A lot of companies do this already in Nigeria, especially with health and beauty/bodycare products.

This program involves you recruiting people to buy a particular product (tangible or intangible). You earn a commission from the people in your group/network/downlines that BUYS the company’s products. Please understand that some of these products can not stand by themselves in the marketplace and the only way you can earn is not by actually selling the products but by referring people to join the program.

There are many programs out there and some of them are scams – where the company and its founders disappears with everyone’s money along the line.

The best programs are the ones that provide (financial and sales) education among others, cost of entry is low and has a proven track record of payment with its distributors over a reasonable period.

Network marketing provides you with the opportunity to learn sales and manage people. It’s a good place to start for anyone just leaving school.

Truth be told: you may be scammed by some schemes. So, watch out for the wolves but most necessary is the lesson to take away from each program or system you use.


Do you like to talk about fashion, sports, technology or whatnots? Here is your chance. Back in the days of mainly paper publishing, the cost and efforts to do this is huge but not anymore. The emergence of internet has made it very easy for ANYONE to write about anything to his heart’s desires.

This is what got Linda Ikeji her millions. Even now, the blogosphere is becoming more and more saturated by the hours. You can still be a part of this world in spite of this huge saturation.

Instead of wasting time bantering with relatively unknown fellows on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter everyday or chatting away your life to no good use or wasting data and time looking at the glamorous lifestyle of some celebrities (who will likely never pay attention to you) on instagram, you can channel your data and time to developing your writing and researching skills.

It pays. Not only will you develop these skills, you will also cultivate a following plus you have the chance to make money. Once you start making money, I can tell you, it gets very easy.

How To Start.

1) Register with It’s free. Register with Nairaland. It’s free.

2) Write daily on your chosen area of speciality.

3) Promote your content on social media.

4) Become a specialist. Put your skills out there in exchange for money.

5) Go big (buy a self-hosted account so that if anything happens, you have total control over your content).

* You make money by adverts on your content or by consulting on your special skills for interested clients.


You can package your special skills in an eBook and sell it online. This is something I’ll be writing more about on this blog. Stay tuned.

The challenge of starting a business online is the starting out part.  After researching the opportunities and you know where to start, you need to overcome that inertia and just start. The starting can be rough and it’s often tough, especially since this is uncharted territory for you. It’s very allowed. It’s not something you’ve done before. You will take time to learn as much as you can. As to every challenge of life, you can also overcome, if you’re determined enough. That’s why self-motivation is necessary. That’s why walking with like minds is essential to make the most of your journey. You can make mistakes here and correct it (you may not have that luxury at your workplace).