All You Need To Know About Zeekron


There is a new entrant into the online “investment” sphere – Zeekron. The Zeekron website is relatively new (Feb 1, 2020), which means it has been online for less than 6 months from today and its owners are local – Lagos.

The owners are not transparent – no physical address on the website, no telephone, no workable social media handles and details are not found on reputable platforms to cross-check their information and claims.

The few reviews available online are those who are using their referral codes to get more users for the platform. This should be a potential red flag for anyone planning to join the company. This is because it means the company can up and vanish with your hard-earned money.

Don’t get carried away with the testimonials.

It seems they organise seminars. You might want to look out for that and attend a physical programme where you can get more information about the company and founders.

Promotion is simply via word of mouth which is a form of revenue for the company and the users. This means users bear lots of risk in terms of online exposure and registration fee.

Business model…

One revenue channel is for those who want to trade currencies so that means they are operating like an online bureau-de-change.

Another revenue channel is for those who want to invest and earn 40% ROI in 30 days. It’s lousy but doable for a while (especially if they operate it like a ponzi scheme).

A Ponzi scheme is a system that works to pay old members with the investment of new members while not investing in any actual business. It can typically work for so long until it bursts when there are no longer new members in the system. A Ponzi scheme is not the same as Multi-level Marketing.

The last revenue channel is for those who want to promote the company.

Proceed with serious caution on the investment channel but you can try the other revenue channel (promotion) found here (since that won’t cost much to start with).

To learn more about investments and arranging your personal finance, here are some guidelines and details.